Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre-Release 2, 3 & Release Candidate 1, 2

Шинэчлэлт 2020 оны 8 сарын 6



  • MC-197512 - Incompatible resource packs don't display their name and description anymore
  • MC-197362 - Cannot load 2 or more resource packs if the second one is incompatible
  • MC-197354 - Block event lag in 1.16.2-rc1 is still higher than in 1.15.2
  • MC-197348 - Piston heads occasionally appear twice in certain piston setups



  • MC-197275 - Due to changes to walls, "pack_format: 5" is not cross-compatible between 1.15 and 1.16
  • MC-197263 - End sky and nether fog don't work on servers
  • MC-197258 - Certain dimensions can cause a game crash
  • MC-197225 - Crash: java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: u: Exception generating new chunk
  • MC-197197 - Game crashes/freezes after creating/entering a Superflat world without presets
  • MC-194933 - Game crashes when loading a custom biome / java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Trying to add tag of type 8 to list of 10
  • MC-190103 - Crash when using a nether portal: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: fromIndex < 0: -2368549



  • Норсон чоно харанхуй газар бараг хар өнгөтэй болж байсныг зассан (MC-105248)
  • F3+D хүлээгдэж буй гэсэн бичгийг цэвэрлээд хүлээгдэж байгаа зурвасуудыг цэвэрлэхгүй байсныг зассан (MC-197053)
  • Түлхэгчийн гар хоёр давхардаж харагдаж байсныг зассан (MC-197218)


  • MC-105248 - Wet wolves become nearly black in dark areas
  • MC-107529 - Marker:1 Armor Stands render themself and their equipment dark if inside solid blocks
  • MC-167756 - Wolf is rendered too dark when not directly affected by skylight
  • MC-191388 - "No key position_predicate in MapLike" console spam
  • MC-197053 - Pressing F3+D clears the pending lines message, but doesn't clear the pending messages
  • MC-197152 - Ghost Blocks can be generated in some piston setups
  • MC-197218 - Piston arm appears twice during retraction in some mechanisms


  • Нөжит болон гажуудсан ургамлуудыг авахад хайч хэрэггүй болсон



  • Y=1 байрлалд байгаа түлхэгч доошоо / Y=254 байрлалд байгаа түлхэгч дээш түлхэхгүй байсныг зассан (MC-69876)
  • Толгой эргэх үеийн ногоон өнгө F1 дарахад алга болж байсныг зассан (MC-196469)


  • MC-69876 - Pistons at Y=1 do not push downwards / at Y=254 do not push upwards
  • MC-124320 - Endermen can pick up and place snowless snowy grass blocks
  • MC-130558 - Item frames cannot be emptied if gamerule doEntityDrops is set to false
  • MC-134084 - If gamerule sendCommandFeedback is disabled, /msg or /tell don't display the message to the sender
  • MC-136553 - Dyes in creative inventory are in reverse order
  • MC-152037 - Powered, activator and detector rails are deleted when pushed/pulled onto a block they cannot be placed on
  • MC-187357 - Strongholds will not generate in floating_islands or caves preset
  • MC-189736 - "distance" within predicate no longer works
  • MC-190552 - Demo mode resets position and inventory upon launch
  • MC-190859 - floating_islands or caves buffet worlds no longer generate strongholds and ender eyes do not locate previously generated strongholds after upgrading to 1.16
  • MC-192136 - Lava damage works differently than in previous versions
  • MC-192236 - Endermen can place blocks on top of item frames on the floor
  • MC-192371 - Paintings in the same block space pop off when chunk loads
  • MC-192845 - Block Event Lag in 1.16 is excessive
  • MC-194217 - Lava sets nether vegetation on fire despite it being fire resistant
  • MC-194867 - Minecarts come out the wrong side of a nether portal and lose momentum when coming back to overworld
  • MC-194953 - Custom Biomes are not useable in Predicates
  • MC-195803 - Mob kill statistics are formatted in reverse: "N killed you <mob> times"
  • MC-195851 - "Hat" layer on helmets detaches from Piglins' heads while bartering
  • MC-196245 - Charged creeper does not always drop skull if zombie variants are nearby
  • MC-196441 - Stonecutter/Smithing Table recipes are not given after crafting a stack of more than one
  • MC-196469 - F1 hides the nausea green tint
  • MC-196473 - Pufferfish gives Nausea II instead of the maximum of Nausea I
  • MC-196653 - Creating multiple datapack dimensions which reference the same dimension_type string causes "unregistered dimension" crash
  • MC-196743 - Custom/modified biomes don't work in the overworld


Minecraft эхлүүлэгч рүүгээ ороод сүүлийн хувилбарыг сонгоод тоглоорой!

Хөгжүүлэлтийн үеийн хувилбарууд нь таны дэлхийг эвдэх магадлалтай тул тухайн дэлхийгээ эхлээд нөөцлөх эсвэл шинэ дэлхий дээр тоглоорой.

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