Minecraft Snapshot 19w35a

Minecraft 1.15 2019 оны 8 сарын 29

Minecraft 1.15-ын хоёр дахь хөгжүүлэлтийн хувилбар гарлаа.


  • Зөгийнүүд уснаас эмээнэ
  • Зөгийн үүр илүү ховор болсон
  • Зөгийн үүрний урд агаар байхгүй бол үүсэхгүй
  • Тосгоны иргэн унтаж байгаа орон дээр тоглогч унтахыг оролдвол тосгоны иргэн босно
  • Хэдэн алдаа зассан


  • MC-849 - Eating a food item / drinking potion / curing zombie / feeding animal has a chance of also consuming a second food item / potion without any animation
  • MC-3984 - A re-created Hardcore game isn’t Hardcore unless you cycle through game modes and reset it to Hardcore
  • MC-11944 - Able to replace end portal with buckets in hand or dispenser
  • MC-15862 - Dying enderman teleports away if falls into water; takes experience to the teleportation destination
  • MC-30646 - Hardcore game is not deleted
  • MC-47091 - Slimes, Magma Cubes, Ocelots, and Iron Golems don’t use generic.attackDamage Attribute
  • MC-63720 - Banners don’t move in wind when over certain “Time” value of the level.dat
  • MC-84963 - End gateway blocks can be broken with a water or lava bucket
  • MC-88179 - Armor bar disappears after changing dimension until GUI update
  • MC-88209 - Endermen make stare sound even when provoked by attacking
  • MC-101700 - Missing server-side check in enderman teleport
  • MC-107941 - Shooting, summoning or editing an arrow and reloading the world gives potion particles
  • MC-115567 - Enderman stare sound doesn’t play if enderman was spawned less than 20 seconds ago
  • MC-125810 - Carved pumpkin can’t be enchanted in survival mode
  • MC-136074 - Enderman can teleport onto waterlogged blocks
  • MC-144688 - Projectiles (snowballs, etc) do not preserve item data if using the item depletes the stack
  • MC-144766 - Chunks stop rendering in respawn screen
  • MC-145587 - Endermen will teleport into water (without taking damage) to dodge a projectile
  • MC-148865 - Title screen panorama turns white after clicking “Delete World” in hardcore mode
  • MC-152839 - Screen is shaking on death
  • MC-154280 - The nitwit has a badge, even though unemployed villagers don't because they can't trade
  • MC-156856 - Ravager pathfinding AI becomes broken when Ravager encounters a Pillager Patrol
  • MC-159190 - Duplication issue with consumables
  • MC-159357 - Bee breeding does not count toward “Two by Two” (minecraft:husbandry/bred_all_animals) advancement progress
  • MC-159429 - Switching to a different item while consuming a honey bottle will change it into an empty glass bottle
  • MC-159446 - Bees get pollen from lower half of sunflower
  • MC-159456 - Bees are floating one pixel above the ground when sitting on the ground
  • MC-159472 - Trees spawned from saplings can have bee nests
  • MC-159476 - Bee model is not centered properly inside of the hitbox
  • MC-159574 - When switching to another item while drinking a potion, the item is replaced with an empty bottle and the slot with the potion is cleared
  • MC-159733 - Craftable bee hives are not flammable
  • MC-159825 - Honey Bottle not included in A Balanced Diet advancement


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