Lush Caves - Concept Art



  • MC-203813 - Copper blocks are named inconsistently
  • MC-213788 - The game can randomly freeze
  • MC-213802 - Copper is not upgraded correctly from pre-21w05a worlds



  • Azalea бут болон түүний цэцэглэсэн хувилбар
  • Таазнаас унжих cave vines болон түүн дээр ургах гэрэлт жимсгэнэ (glow berries)
  • Дээр нь гишгэж болохоор том навчтай dripleaf
  • Хөвд блок (moss block), дэвсгэр (moss carpet)
  • Тоосонцор унагаагч spore blossom
  • Мөн чимэглэлийн зорилгоор үндэстэй хөрс (rooted dirt), дээрээс унжих үндэснүүд (hanging roots) нэмэгдсэн
Azalea бут
Цэцэглэсэн azalea


Cave vines
  • Cave vines таазнаас ургана
  • Ургах явцад нь гэрэлт жимсгэнэ ургах магадлалтай
  • Гэрэлт жимсгэнэ нь байгалийн гэрэл бөгөөд мөн идэж болно
  • Үнэг гэрэлт жимсгэнэ идэж чадна
  • Гэрэлт жимсгэнээр шинэ cave vines тарьж болно
  • Cave vine-г бордвол гэрэлт жимсгэнэ ургана


Том навчтай drip leaf
Жижиг drip leaf
  • Жижиг, том хоёр төрөл байна
  • Жижиг dripleaf нь чийг их шаарддаг тул усан дотор эсвэл шавар дээр л ургана
  • Жижиг dripleaf-г бордоход том навчтай болж ургана
  • Том навчтай болсон dripleaf-г бордоход улам өндөр болно
  • Том навчтай dripleaf дээр зогсож болох боловч хэсэг хугацааны дараа навч хазайж таныг унагаана
  • Навчин дээр зогсож байхдаа гэтэж эсвэл үсэрч навч хазайхаас сэргийлж болно
  • Навч нь хазайснаас хэсэг хугацааны дараа буцаж босно
  • Том навчтай drip leaf-г харвахад эвдэрнэ
  • Аялагч худалдаачин заримдаа dripleaf зарна


Хөвдөн блок
  • Чимэглэлийн зорилготой хоёр блок: Хөвдөн блок, хөвдөн дэвсгэр
  • Хөвдөн дэвсгэрийг хоёр хөвдөн блокоор урлана


Spore blossom
  • Таазанд ургах үзэсгэлэнтэй том цэцэг
  • Түүнээс тоосонцор унана


  • Чулуу зүсэгч зэс блокуудыг зүсэж чаддаг болсон
  • Тэнгисийн зомби алтны оронд зэс унагаадаг болсон
  • Мэдрэгч скалк шинэ үйлдлүүдийг мэдэрдэг болсон
  • Хөвсгөр цас галт сумын галыг унтраана
  • Араг яснууд (skeleton) хөвсгөр цасан дотор удаан байгаад хөлдвөл тэнүүчлэгч болон хувирна (stray)
  • Хөвсгөр цасыг түлхэгчээр түлхэж, татаж болно
  • Үнэг хөвсгөр цасанд шигдэлгүйгээр явж чадна
  • Improved performance when using many overrides on an item model
  • Зэсийн исэлдэлт randomTickSpeed дүрмийн утгаас хамааралтай болсон



  • Мобууд блокны ойролцоо том болох үедээ блок нэвт гарах эсвэл дотор нь гацаж байсныг зассан (MC-9568)


  • MC-9568 - Mobs suffocate / go through blocks when growing up near a solid block
  • MC-130098 - Debug world spawns player at y=2 instead at y=70 where all the blocks are
  • MC-142711 - Baby turtles take damage when pushed against ceiling
  • MC-148432 - Sound spam while in water and lava at the same time
  • MC-149495 - Pufferfish triggers tripwire without colliding with it upon reloading the game
  • MC-152265 - Starting server outputs “unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemStack” errors
  • MC-153254 - Baby zombies/piglins take damage when pushed against ceiling by bubble columns
  • MC-163673 - Baby husks, piglins, zombies, zombie villagers, and zombified piglins take damage when jumping into a space with a solid block above it
  • MC-186879 - Standing in fire and water spams the extinguish sound
  • MC-191714 - Player is dismounted when standing on farmland while riding a horse/boat while the farmland turns to dirt, causing a desync
  • MC-198432 - Pufferfish phases through blocks after reloading world
  • MC-199356 - chatDelay in options.txt has a space between the colon and the value
  • MC-200906 - Pufferfish hitbox incorrect when reloading world
  • MC-204801 - Large amounts of copper blocks lag the server and causes the worldsave to take forever
  • MC-205079 - Cauldrons don’t fill with powder snow in some biomes
  • MC-205401 - “Fire extinguishes” Sound repeatedly plays when a mob that burns in daylight is in powder snow
  • MC-205477 - Occasional desync when trying to enter/exit a boat while the server is lagging
  • MC-205735 - Baby cows can suffocate on stairs
  • MC-206113 - Powder Snow causes Z-Fighting with Falling Blocks
  • MC-207258 - Sculk sensors do not react to minecarts being driven
  • MC-207261 - Bell ringing event is not considered a vibration
  • MC-207262 - Drinking potions or milk doesn’t cause vibrations even though eating does
  • MC-207263 - Inconsistency: Filling cauldrons with liquids or powder snow is not detected by sculk sensors
  • MC-207277 - Sculk sensor can’t detect setting a fire with fire charge
  • MC-207283 - Extinguishing a campfire is not detected by sculk sensor
  • MC-207300 - Blocks being placed or picked up by an enderman are not detected by sculk sensors
  • MC-207329 - Sculk sensors don’t properly detect eating from other mobs
  • MC-207340 - Sculk sensors do not detect buckets of fish being emptied
  • MC-207358 - Sculk sensors don’t detect shulkers opening and closing
  • MC-207384 - Flame arrows repeatedly trigger sculk sensors
  • MC-207387 - Sculk sensors can sense players sneaking in water when they move, even when they’re not swimming
  • MC-207391 - Sculk sensors don’t detect certain flying mobs
  • MC-207397 - The fire extinguish sound plays every tick when the player is on fire and freezing
  • MC-207407 - Villages will always generate at least on y=0
  • MC-207417 - Directly breaking fire does not alert sculk sensors, but removing its supporting block correctly does
  • MC-207418 - Breaking paintings/item frames/glow item frames does not alert sculk sensors, even though placing them does
  • MC-207445 - Sculk sensor doesn’t detect squids swimming
  • MC-207473 - Sculk sensors do not detect when ghasts shoot
  • MC-207520 - Sculk sensors don’t react to ravager roars
  • MC-207521 - Ocelots and cats can still emit vibrations while sneaking
  • MC-207592 - Shooting bow with flame enchantment while sneaking triggers sculk sensor
  • MC-207600 - Sculk sensor detects wrong sound for fishing rod
  • MC-207670 - Sculk sensors do not detect the placement of boats and minecarts
  • MC-207671 - Sculk sensors do not detect candles being placed into cakes
  • MC-207672 - Sculk sensors do not detect when creepers are set off with flint and steel
  • MC-207673 - Sculk sensors do not detect lighting TNT with flint and steel
  • MC-207674 - Sculk sensors do not detect placing things in flower pots
  • MC-207675 - Sculk sensors do not detect books being placed onto lecterns
  • MC-207677 - Sculk sensors do not detect collecting water with bottles
  • MC-207678 - Sculk sensors do not detect collecting honey bottles
  • MC-207679 - Sculk sensors do not detect the breaking of bee nests and beehives in Creative mode
  • MC-207745 - Sculk sensors do not detect when ender dragons shoot fireballs
  • MC-208193 - Sculk sensors do not detect removing things from flower pots
  • MC-208194 - Sculk sensors do not detect when candle cakes are eaten
  • MC-208477 - Going into a dimension that has height higher than the maximum height crashes the game
  • MC-209361 - Game crashes upon instantly click-replacing the block underneath a bamboo sapling with another bamboo
  • MC-209625 - Baby llamas suffocate when below a solid block while standing on top of a carpet
  • MC-212117 - Placing glow lichen in lava creates waterlogged glow lichen
  • MC-212141 - Shulkers get rotated when upgrading to 21w03a
  • MC-212149 - Shulker is sometimes mis-rotated when player teleports through a nether portal and reloading an active chunk with Shulker
  • MC-212284 - Crammed enitities pushed through blocks when growing to adults
  • MC-212290 - Commands “setblock” and “fill” don’t work at or above height 1024 in some cases
  • MC-212291 - Client can dismount vehicles independently from the server, causing a de-sync
  • MC-212331 - Boats dismount you in the direction the boat is facing instead of the direction of the player
  • MC-212347 - Importing custom world file height is limited to 2047 instead of 2048
  • MC-212422 - Game crashes when generating a world with increased height limit
  • MC-212532 - Shulkers are spawned slightly mis-rotated after a shulker was hit by another shulker’s shulker bullet
  • MC-212537 - Standing near a shulker slightly lifts you when they open
  • MC-212541 - Shulkers are often incorrectly rotated upon generation
  • MC-213512 - Copper blocks are named differently from bedrock edition


Minecraft эхлүүлэгч рүүгээ ороод сүүлийн хувилбарыг сонгоод тоглоорой!

Хөгжүүлэлтийн үеийн хувилбарууд нь таны дэлхийг эвдэх магадлалтай тул тухайн дэлхийгээ эхлээд нөөцлөх эсвэл шинэ дэлхий дээр тоглоорой.

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