Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 3, 4 & 5

Шинэчлэлт 2020 оны 6 сарын 12

Засвар (2020/06/11): Pre-release 4 гарсан

Засвар (2020/06/12): Pre-release 5 гарсан

Хурдан гүйлгэх:


  • "Гайхамшигтай" график тохиргоог ашиглахад асуудалтай GPU-үүдийн жагсаалтыг нэмсэн.
  • Хэрэв таны GPU асуудалтай нь тогтоогдвол анхааруулах зурвасыг, дэлгэрэнгүй тайлбарын хамт харуулна.
  • Энэхүү зурвасыг тоохгүй байж болох боловч асуудалтай GPU-үүдэд "Гайхамшигтай" графикыг ашиглахад асуудал үүсвэл дэмжлэг, туслалцаа үзүүлэхгүй болно.


  • MC-141934 - Ctrl + Pick block on a lectern does not display its book despite being saved to NBT
  • MC-148955 - Iron golems can spawn inside of non-full blocks
  • MC-149308 - Thrown items appear right in front of head for a frame
  • MC-166276 - Thrown items and blocks sometimes appear black for an instant
  • MC-166413 - Item frame turns black for an instant when being placed
  • MC-166718 - Mobs no longer suffocate inside of soul sand, farmland or grass paths
  • MC-167359 - Items are bright for a brief moment after being broken
  • MC-167362 - Item frames are bright for a brief moment when placed
  • MC-177361 - Villagers/wandering traders don't flee away from zoglins
  • MC-180867 - Jukeboxes grabbed with an NBT+ picker do not release discs on right click.
  • MC-181605 - Right-clicking a Respawn Anchor with an item in off-hand uses that item
  • MC-182119 - Game mode description text is no longer centered and now extends off the screen in some languages
  • MC-183469 - Mobs do not pathfind around holes or lava
  • MC-185777 - Shift-clicking a netherite ingot in a smithing table moves the ingot to gear slot
  • MC-186206 - Water tinted rendered differently behind glass top versus sides
  • MC-188468 - User Control for "Swap Item with Offhand" gets reset when upgrading from 1.16pre-2 to 3
  • MC-188489 - "Switch item with offhand" inventory keyboard shortcut still works in Search Items creative tab, overriding text input
  • MC-188505 - Attacking an entity while sneaking cancels sneaking for a moment, then desyncs client and server about player's height
  • MC-188509 - Zombified Piglins drop experience but not gold ingots when they die while aggressive
  • MC-188542 - Custom world gen settings causes minecraft to crash upon import
  • MC-188633 - Small mobs drown while in boat
  • MC-188652 - Gamerules doMobLoot and doTileDrops have the same description in gamerule menu
  • MC-188655 - Number keys in Creative search override typing in the search bar, resulting in unintentional hotbar item switching
  • MC-188675 - Bed heads, tall flowers and bottom doors drop two items
  • MC-188678 - Milking a cow/mooshroom for milk or mushroom stew consumes the item without giving anything back
  • MC-188691 - Can no longer light Nether Portal using Fire Charge on the side of Obsidian


  • Дайсан мобууд гажуудсан ой болон сүнслэг элсний хөндийд төрөх хэмжээг бага зэрэг нэмэгдүүлсэн


  • MC-136085 - Blocks attached to multi-block blocks are deleted when breaking the other half of the block
  • MC-177463 - Crash report “Connection:” field contains unuseful value (Object.toString())
  • MC-179851 - Attribute generic.movement_speed does not work in /attribute
  • MC-180967 - Advancement description JSON can ignore the first specified color
  • MC-181498 - Using a fire charge on top of fire briefly creates another fire on top of it
  • MC-181556 - Baby Zombified Piglins float while riding striders
  • MC-181576 - Worlds which are already open in another instance of Minecraft can be selected with arrow keys and tab
  • MC-184613 - End Stone generates in Floating Islands setting
  • MC-184644 - Cave buffet generator generates with netherrack, even if using a non-nether biome
  • MC-186468 - Although reload failed, the game will also tell you “Disabled data pack [XXX]”
  • MC-187419 - Hand animation is not played when feeding horses or donkeys with golden carrots
  • MC-188352 - Creative mode cow milking / mushroom stewing inconsistent with picking up placed fluids
  • MC-188451 - Game crashes when dispensing a shulker box from a dispenser - “java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception while ticking”
  • MC-188463 - Transparent dropped items render in wrong order when behind entities when graphics setting is set to fabulous
  • MC-188467 - “Sound Director” in credits is too light compared to the rest of the text, and is missing an “S”
  • MC-188517 - Cannot create multiple empty tags in a datapack
  • MC-188519 - Clouds render on top of blocks
  • MC-188528 - Particles render on top of stained glass


  • Тамын цайзыг арай олон үүсдэг болгосон
  • Унтарсан түүдэг гал дээр хоолны зүйлс байрлуулж болно
  • Гал тэсвэрлэх үйлчилгээ авсан бол хайлмаган дотор бага зэрэг сайн харна
  • Пиглинүүд авдар болон алтлаг блокуудыг эвдрэхийг сонсоод таныг хулгай хийж байна гэж бодон, уурлана
  • 1.16 Pre-release 1 дээр эвдэрсэн дэлхийг засахыг оролдоно
  • Тоглоомын дүрэм тохируулах хэсэгт дүрмийн тайлбарыг шаардлагатай тохиолдолд олон мөр болгож харуулна
  • Дэлхийн өгөгдлийг уншиж буйг илэрхийлсэн хуудсыг дэлхий үүсгэх үед нэмсэн
Хайлмаган дотор харах чадварыг сайжруулсан


  • Region файлууд зөвхөн Windows үйлдлийн систем дээр синхрон горимоор нээгдэнэ
  • Унших горимыг гар аргаар засна. Серверүүд server.properties доторх sync-chunk-writes, клиентууд options.txt доторх syncChunkWrites


  • MC-13823 - Leads are incorrectly positioned on certain entities
  • MC-14680 - Lead is shifted upwards or downwards based on leashed entity height
  • MC-27535 - Mobs can sometimes still despawn, even if named with a name tag
  • MC-84610 - Off-hand hotkey doesn’t work in inventories
  • MC-131286 - Attack will use right hand instead of left hand when swimming (main hand: left)
  • MC-134608 - Certain Spawner Tag Conditions Induce Game Crash
  • MC-143473 - Teleporting a mob while it is pathfinding will make it navigate back to where it was originally going
  • MC-152157 - “Marie Stålkrantz” is not the right color in game credits
  • MC-159371 - Leads are incorrectly positioned on bees
  • MC-159502 - Bees don’t avoid water; killing themselves
  • MC-160520 - Bee’s wandering AI tries to go through three-way corners
  • MC-163921 - Placing a block while looking at redstone ore plays no sound
  • MC-166346 - Transparent blocks do not render properly with tripwire above
  • MC-166880 - Pufferfish spikes model seems to be broken
  • MC-167043 - Enchantment glint does only apply to the handle of shields with banners
  • MC-169008 - Using End portal in the Nether teleports the player to the End, but at the same coordinates the player was in the Nether
  • MC-171618 - Players wearing armor take less damage from burning when standing in fire under certain conditions
  • MC-171810 - Some Mojang employees are not mentioned in the credits
  • MC-171969 - Fall damage is negated when stepping up after falling
  • MC-172053 - Nether particles get stuck on the bottom of blocks
  • MC-172105 - When a piglin is dancing, targeting or looking at an item, the chestplate the piglin is wearing does not adjust to the piglin’s pose
  • MC-172110 - Texture of turtle shells is missing when worn by a piglin or zombified piglin
  • MC-172871 - Unable to spawn wither in horizontal arrangement below y level 2
  • MC-173310 - Observer powered texture doesn’t match unpowered
  • MC-173404 - Desync when mounting an entity while sneaking
  • MC-173825 - Bats break turtle eggs
  • MC-176094 - Baby zombified piglin chicken jockeys can spawn riding striders
  • MC-177336 - ‘Failed to access level’ when opening a world from a CIFS mount on Ubuntu
  • MC-177530 - The new minecraft:attributes registry is plural, while all the others are singular
  • MC-177542 - Chunk loading and saving is extremely slow when sync-chunk-writes=true
  • MC-177626 - Spruce generation is broken
  • MC-177694 - Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg is placed before Zombie Villager Spawn Egg in the creative inventory
  • MC-177712 - Nether portal blocks do not have loot tables
  • MC-177795 - Overworld music can start playing in the Nether
  • MC-177863 - Shroomlights cannot be composted
  • MC-177876 - Striders are now much rarer
  • MC-178010 - Lena Raine does not appear in credits
  • MC-178338 - Striders only get warm when lava touches their legs
  • MC-179140 - Sea guardians have an odd swimming behavior
  • MC-180603 - Wrong structures are generated in superflat worlds
  • MC-181630 - Advancement trigger “minecraft:tick” does not support standard “player” predicate
  • MC-181813 - Edit "g"ame "r"ules are not capitalized in the Game Rules menu title
  • MC-181884 - Falling quickly/Flying with Elytra/Swimming with Riptide Trident and throwing a projectile will cause it to hit the player
  • MC-182076 - Horse jumping sound is unused
  • MC-182249 - Problems with potted_cactus.json block model file
  • MC-182766 - Recipe book search function does not work if recipe book was not open before
  • MC-182909 - Esc from Customised World’s Biome selection screen kicks us back to main menu
  • MC-183018 - When sneaking while flying underwater in Creative, the player exits flying mode after a few seconds
  • MC-183402 - Tutorial doesn’t advance when breaking nether tree
  • MC-183554 - Ruined portals generated in lava lakes unnaturally displace lava, resulting in weird borders
  • MC-183588 - Stray emerald block in structure bastion/treasure/big_air_full
  • MC-183594 - The 5th large inner and outer hoglin stables do not generate in bastions
  • MC-183599 - Some hoglin stable stair structures do not generate
  • MC-183762 - Description of F3+N in help menu still describes the old functionality
  • MC-183809 - Large Oak Trees replace blocks
  • MC-183880 - Distracting baby piglins with gold grants the ‘Oh Shiny’ advancement
  • MC-183915 - Wall Heads & Skulls are slightly offset from block selection outline
  • MC-183931 - nether fortress mobs no longer spawn in extended bounding box
  • MC-183933 - show_text tellraw hover events don’t work for components that need resolving (nbt, score, selector)
  • MC-184093 - Using an end gateway teleports the player half a block too high
  • MC-184250 - Font of the enchantments displayed in the enchanting table is italic
  • MC-184608 - “Unknown biome, defaulting to plains” error upon launching the game
  • MC-184612 - Import Settings “s” isn’t capitalized
  • MC-184613 - End Stone generates in Floating Islands setting
  • MC-184644 - Cave buffet generator generates with netherrack, even if using a non-nether biome
  • MC-184653 - [Crash] “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value already present:” - Game crashes when worldgen dimension type presets are not unique
  • MC-184675 - Superflat void preset doesn’t have a starting platform again
  • MC-184699 - ‘/spreadplayers under’ does not prevent invalid values
  • MC-184723 - The “i” in “World Type: Floating islands” is not capitalized
  • MC-184757 - [Crash] “java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection” on loading a dimension with debug chunk generator
  • MC-184887 - You can spawn in the bedrock ceiling of a Caves world
  • MC-184900 - Newline in tellraw adds a space at the beginning of the new line
  • MC-184984 - Game crashes after generating multiple worlds in succession
  • MC-185004 - [Crash] java.lang.NullPointerException - Crash on entering end/nether portal when dimension is removed in worldgen settings
  • MC-185164 - Bottom half of icebergs always generate at y=62 regardless of sea_level
  • MC-185285 - Entering the End or the Nether after creating and reentering a debug world crashes the game
  • MC-185299 - Villagers cannot be summoned with a specific type unless you also specify a profession
  • MC-185363 - sync-chunk-writes often takes over a minute to close a world
  • MC-185417 - Maps reset on upgrade
  • MC-185616 - Turtle eggs can’t hatch on red sand
  • MC-185949 - Copy “C” in Click to Copy to Clipboard isn’t capitalized
  • MC-186078 - Transparent items render in front of transparent blocks on some graphics cards when graphics setting is set to fabulous
  • MC-186084 - Piglin head and torso floats and detaches during celebration dance
  • MC-186085 - Player is unable to interact with the world after dismounting a boat while it’s moving
  • MC-186091 - When you stop swimming, “diving underwater” sound occurs and vision flashes
  • MC-186092 - The head of a piglin becomes offset after performing their celebration dance
  • MC-186097 - Pigs are moving very slowly
  • MC-186248 - “m” in Safe Mode button isn’t capitalized
  • MC-186263 - “b” & “l” in Create Backup & Load isn’t capitalized
  • MC-186337 - The lighting of the “Client” doesn’t correspond to that of the “Server”
  • MC-186353 - The “s” and “m” in “Edit sign message” are uncapitalized
  • MC-186403 - Swimming up on the side of flowing water no longer prevents the player from drowning
  • MC-186492 - Lily pad placement in creative mode causes item on hotbar to flicker/vanish
  • MC-186905 - "Superflat Customization" screen resets every time you open it and does not show previously saved settings
  • MC-187363 - Charged respawn anchors no longer light up blocks around them
  • MC-187367 - Netherite recipes show up in crafting table despite requiring a smithing table to use
  • MC-187371 - Game crashes when attempting to change cloud settings on some graphics cards
  • MC-187392 - Items in waterlogged stairs don’t float up high enough to be caught by a water stream above the stair
  • MC-187394 - Dying Ender dragons are rendered completely white when using Fabulous graphics
  • MC-187402 - Lighting in the End dimension is much darker when on a server
  • MC-187405 - /seed is no longer available without cheats enabled
  • MC-187411 - Particles and clouds not rendering properly behind stained glass and solid blocks
  • MC-187437 - Held item is invisible in inventory menu
  • MC-187449 - Zombie Pigmen/Zombified Piglins do not drop XP and rare drops anymore if killed by anything other than the player while in angered state
  • MC-187466 - Mobs killed in creative mode don’t drop experience
  • MC-187468 - Enchantment glint does not render for certain things on “Fabulous” setting
  • MC-187483 - The advancement “Two by Two” can be achieved by just breeding turtles
  • MC-187504 - Mobs do not drop rare drop items when killed by a player in Creative Mode
  • MC-187552 - Piglins and Hoglins shake in the nether on servers
  • MC-187585 - Dolphins with NoAI:1b can drown
  • MC-187592 - Piglins constantly picking up gold nuggets and dropping them
  • MC-187611 - White squares when in first person with fabulous video settings and F1
  • MC-187618 - Demo world not saving after saving and quitting then quiting out of minecraft
  • MC-187673 - [Crash] “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unregistered dimension type”
  • MC-187676 - “d” in Reset to default isn’t capitalized
  • MC-187677 - “b” in Go back isn’t capitalized
  • MC-187679 - Bees stay angry far longer
  • MC-187730 - Newly spawned Zombified Piglins do not pick up the aggro of older spawned aggravated Zombified Piglins
  • MC-187739 - NeutralMob.playerDied(Player) does not return if forgiveDeadPlayers = false
  • MC-187796 - Wolves only use their hostile appearance after being attacked
  • MC-187811 - Ender dragon death animation suddenly flashes right after it has ended
  • MC-187978 - /seed availiable to all players on multiplayer server
  • MC-188070 - Glitched skin while swimming (left hand)
  • MC-188088 - Overworld superflat preset no longer generates with terrain decorations
  • MC-188216 - Superflat biome selection overrides block selection on “Create New World” screen
  • MC-188393 - K in “4k” should be capitalized


Minecraft эхлүүлэгч рүүгээ ороод сүүлийн хувилбарыг сонгоод тоглоорой!

Хөгжүүлэлтийн үеийн хувилбарууд нь таны дэлхийг эвдэх магадлалтай тул тухайн дэлхийгээ эхлээд нөөцлөх эсвэл шинэ дэлхий дээр тоглоорой.

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