Засвар (2020/06/16): Pre-release 7 гарсан

Засвар (2020/06/17): Pre-release 8 гарсан



  • Сэрээ таяг гарт эсрэгээрээ харж байрласан (MC-127971, MC-153483, MC-159820, MC-179309, MC-188859, )
  • Усан дотор гахай унахаар хурд нь тасралтгүй нэмэгдэнэ (MC-189937)
  • Пиглинүүдийн хувцас, зэвсэг хэтэрхий их, мөн нэг төрлийн шид хэд хэдэн удаа давхардан орсон (MC-190005)


  • MC-114030 - Structure blocks take and apply NBT data of entities and tile entities directly instead of a copy when loading and saving structures
  • MC-127971 - Trying to throw a trident while having a shield or bow equipped will make the trident appear backwards in your hand
  • MC-153483 - When Swapping Tridents between hands the trident being held doesnt swap visually, it just flips backwards
  • MC-159820 - 3rd person reverse trident bug
  • MC-179309 - Trident animates backwards while eating
  • MC-187953 - Adding items to #minecraft:small_flowers item tag and feeding them to brown mooshrooms crashes the game
  • MC-188746 - Not selecting a biome for “Floating Islands” world type spawns an empty world
  • MC-188859 - Incorrect throwing animation for tridents
  • MC-189007 - When entering or leaving swimming mode both arms now move parallel instead of symmetrical
  • MC-189782 - Large ferns only drop one small fern when harvested
  • MC-189858 - Leads can disappear when transporting a mob through a nether portal
  • MC-189937 - Saddled pigs accumulate speed when ridden in water
  • MC-189970 - Selected worlds using keyboard nav does not enable world-specific options such as Play, Edit, Delete, and Re-Create
  • MC-189973 - ClassCastException when bee with passenger flies through village at night
  • MC-190005 - Piglins can spawn with gear with too many enchantments, including multiple enchantments of the same type
  • MC-190036 - Passive mobs do not spawn in floating island world type
  • MC-190124 - Grass decays too quickly when covered in water
  • MC-190166 - Game crashes when burning a tree in a custom dimension: java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception while ticking


  • MC-144107 - Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux
  • MC-176447 - Striders left/right leg uses the same texture
  • MC-180467 - World Border is no longer fully solid
  • MC-183673 - Skeletons not spawning frequently in Soul Sand Valley
  • MC-185126 - Unable to jump one block high from flowing lava that has level 3 or lower
  • MC-186228 - Zombified piglins' sleeve layers are not held upwards like their arms
  • MC-188552 - Zombified Piglins drop less XP than before
  • MC-188838 - Heads and skulls on a wall cause z-fighting
  • MC-189824 - Overworld/general gameplay music can play in the nether in creative mode
  • MC-189846 - Turtle eggs hatching broken, game checking for sand one block too deep
  • MC-189856 - Unable to set nether portal block with /setblock or /fill
  • MC-189867 - Cannot use /setblock and /fill to place blocks in positions they cannot normally be in
  • MC-189868 - Player gets set on fire and extinguished continuously when standing in fire in Creative mode
  • MC-189895 - Redstone in jungle temple / pyramid no longer connects to blocks and redstone components properly
  • MC-189905 - The player can get stuck inside of the world border
  • MC-189971 - Clicking the "Take me back" button causes translucent blocks to stop rendering


  • Нөжит болон гажуудсан төрлийн материалуудын газрын зурган дээр харагдах өнгийг бага зэрэг өөрчилсөн
  • Урлах аргуудын жагсаалтанд "Хайх..." гэсэн бичгийг хайх хэсэгт нэмсэн
  • Тоглоомын горим солигчийг өмнө нь ашиглаж байгаагүй хүн ашиглах үед түрүүлж өгөгдмөл сонголт сонгогдоно. Бүтээгч байвал амьд үлдэх, бусад горимд байвал бүтээгч горим


player_interacted_with_entity өдөөгч нэмсэн

  • item - харьцах үед гартаа барьж буй зүйл
  • entity - харьцаж буй субъект



  • Тал газрын тосгоны байшин тайгын тосгонд үүсэж байна (MC-163333)
  • Сөнөсөн тосгонд байх зомби тосгоны иргэд алга болж (despawn) байна (MC-166593)


  • MC-45749 - Potion particles spread always from the north-west corner of a block, regardless of impact
  • MC-163333 - Plains houses and decorations can generate in taiga villages
  • MC-166593 - Zombie villagers in zombie villages aren’t persistent
  • MC-167386 - binding hotbar hotkeys to mouse thumb button won’t interact the way it should
  • MC-167554 - Enchantment glint on shields is rendered incorrectly
  • MC-171543 - Ravagers can easily be knocked back with the knockback enchantment
  • MC-172027 - Datafixer for minecraft:recipes/misc/composter advancement is missing
  • MC-172442 - Piglins don’t spawn with enchanted gear
  • MC-172592 - Breaking a larger than normally possible Nether portal makes the game crash with a java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • MC-174279 - Baby piglins don’t run from wither skeletons
  • MC-175993 - Enchantment glint of lodestone compass or enchanted compass/clock jumps when compass/clock rotates
  • MC-177929 - End gateways don’t always teleport the player when throwing an ender pearl into it
  • MC-178573 - Piglins are afraid of extinguished soul campfires
  • MC-178947 - Explosion damage can be blocked by fire
  • MC-181465 - Bartering with a piglin with an equipped shield using right click deletes the shield instead of dropping it on the ground
  • MC-182309 - Command autocomplete doesn’t sort strings that start with the given word to the top
  • MC-182325 - Iron golem causes lag when it can’t attack its enemies
  • MC-183759 - Oh Shiny advancement doesn’t activate when right clicking
  • MC-184277 - Last game mode for game mode switcher and F3 + N is always survival after relogging
  • MC-184813 - Superflat world corruption when converting the world
  • MC-186614 - New Nether mobs make too many noises under certain circumstances
  • MC-186617 - Zombified piglins sound angry too many times when hit constantly
  • MC-187031 - Piglin swinging animation does not match attacking or targeting animation
  • MC-187420 - Zombified piglins make angry sounds too frequently
  • MC-187490 - Piglins that pick up gold while pathfinding will continue pathfinding
  • MC-187522 - Server doesn’t generate amplified / large biome worlds
  • MC-187622 - Piglins can still remove curse of binding enchanted helmets / carved pumpkins after they’ve inspected a golden helmet
  • MC-187853 - Water / Lava doesnt move entities unless they move first
  • MC-188581 - Glass placed in item frame isn’t rendered properly
  • MC-188659 - New “swap items with offhand” feature doesn’t work if the control is bound to the 4th or 5th mouse button
  • MC-188702 - When loading in a redstone dot via a structure block, the dot gets set to a redstone cross
  • MC-188987 - When standing on certain non-full blocks, the player gets pushed off if there is a lower area next to the block
  • MC-189081 - Chains create water sources
  • MC-189256 - Hoglin and zoglin tusks textures are not separate
  • MC-189326 - Lecterns don’t stack with other lecterns after being placed down and broken


Minecraft эхлүүлэгч рүүгээ ороод сүүлийн хувилбарыг сонгоод тоглоорой!

Хөгжүүлэлтийн үеийн хувилбарууд нь таны дэлхийг эвдэх магадлалтай тул тухайн дэлхийгээ эхлээд нөөцлөх эсвэл шинэ дэлхий дээр тоглоорой.

Серверийн jar файл:

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